Letter of Interest

Notice: The Tarrant Foundation is closed to new solicitations for the remainder of 2024. If you have questions, please contact lcurry@tarrantfoundation.org.

The Letter of Interest is each applicant’s most important communication with our Foundation.  We receive many more letters each year than we are able to pursue. To have the greatest possible chance of a favorable review, letters must follow the instructions below and contain all of the information we request. At this phase in the process, we are unable to allocate staff resources to track down information that is not provided.

If a letter is accepted for further exploration, the applicant will hear back from Foundation staff about next steps, including a deadline for the full proposal, any specific questions or issues we’d like to address in the proposal, scheduling a site visit, and approximately when to expect our final review and decision.

Letter of Interest Instructions

  • Review our Grant Guidelines
  • 2-page limit;
  • Detail the community need to be addressed;
  • Briefly describe the programs or activities that will be undertaken to address that need;
  • Include the total project budget figure;
  • Specify the amount of funding requested;
  • Provide complete contact information (including email address);

Submission: Letters can be submitted via email or hard copy at any time. We work to provide first-round decisions to all applicants within approximately two weeks of submission.

Reapplication Timeline: Because of the large volume of requests we receive, and to better enable us to work with a variety of partners from around the state, we accept only one Letter of Interest from any applicant organization per calendar year.