This is the second phase in our application process.  Only a limited number of organizations that submit a Letter of Interest are invited to participate in this phase.  To avoid wasted effort, please do not submit a full application without our invitation.  Click here for our Grant Guidelines.

Applicants should refer to the letter or email received from the Foundation inviting a full proposal for specific information regarding deadlines, a site visit, and questions particular to that request. Please contact us with questions.

General Instructions

  • Applicants should only submit a full application to the Foundation if they have been invited to do so (see Letters of Interest).
  • We believe that a strong application is concise, non-repetitive, and contains a level of detail appropriate to the complexity of the project and amount of funds requested. Please limit the page-count accordingly. Remember that we are reading many applications at once, and that unnecessary length makes it harder for us to get at the information we really need.
  • Submit only one copy of the application and supporting materials (electronic or hardcopy – no folders, covers or binders please).
  • Attachments: In general, collateral materials tend not to add meaningful substance to the applications we receive. Instead they add unnecessary pages and wasted paper/printing resources.  Please submit only those extra attachments that specifically clarify or bolster the case. If we need additional information, we will request it.

Application Header:

Organization Name

Project/Program Title

Amount of Request

Submission Date

Contact Person Name

Contact Phone and Email Address


  1. Summary: Provide a short summary of your proposal (3-5 sentences).
  2. Mission and History: Briefly describe the organization’s background. We are particularly interested in understanding its track record and expertise in the area for which funds are requested.
  3. Community Need: What community problem or issue will be addressed? Help us understand the need in terms of scope, severity, impact and evolution/persistence.
  4. Project Description: Tell us what will be undertaken to address the community need described above. Include a detailed description of strategies, activities and timeline.
  5. Project Budget: Provide a detailed budget of the complete project (not only the portion covered by this request) including all income and expenses.
  6. Anticipated Outcomes and Evaluation Plan: Describe the anticipated impact or change that will result from these efforts, as well as the evaluation strategy, tools and timeline.

Required Attachments:

  • Cover Sheet: This page is sent to applicants along with our invitation to submit a full proposal. Please follow the instructions and attach to the front of the application.
  • Leadership and Implementation: List of current board members/trustees, and a brief description of relevant qualifications of key project staff members (no resumes or CVs).
  • Financials: Copy of the organization’s most recent annual budget and IRS Form 990 (does not need to be included if accessible online via Guidestar).
  • IRS Determination: Copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter or other proof of federal tax exempt status.

Submit the completed application via email or hard copy.